Fire Alarm System (EU)

Fire alarm control panel


Product features

Up to 324 addresses one loop.

4.3’’ color screen LCD, resolution of 480×272.

Zone indication and control panel for 32 zones gives a quick indication of the location of an alarm.

Record capacity of 1000 historical events with date/time stamp.

Integral power supply and battery.

Integral printer.

An standalone programmable conventional sounder circuit output.

Flexible and intuitive cause and effect programming on front of panel.

Output module manual start/stop facilitates the commissioning and operating.

It supports the detector/module testing individually.

USB port makes the load and save of configuration data or historical data convenient for system commissioning and maintenance.  

Hierarchy management with three access levels.

Anti-tamper protection by a key lock.

Networkable: CAN bus for interconnection of up to 20 FACPs and Ethernet for up to 255 FACPs.

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Technical Parameters:
Mains supply220~230VAC/50~60Hz 
Fuse rating3A
Max. battery capacity and type2×12V/17Ah VRLA
Max. charging current/voltage1.4A/27.6V
Max. internal resistance
Fire alarm output (+, -)Output voltage 21VDC~27VDC;Output current 0mA~500mA  End of line resistor 4.7KΩ
F.P.E. output (+, -)Output voltage 21VDC~27VDC;Output current 0mA~500mA; End of line resistor 4.7KΩ
Fault output (NC, COM, NO)Contact capacity 24VDC@1.0A, normally closed
24V (+, -)Output voltage 21VDC~27VDC;Output current 0mA~1000mA
InputClass Change: Programmable input terminal. Shorting this terminal can enable Sounder Circuit Output (S.C. Out).
Loop Out (+, -)Polarized signal cable from the FACP connects to 324 addressable devices
Loop In (+, -)Polarized signal cable returns to the FACP
Output current/voltage: Output voltage21V~27V pulse
Output current0~500mA
Humidity≤95% (40℃±2℃, no condensation)