Electrical fire system

Electrical fire system

DATE January, 20, 2017

1.Solution overview
DH500 Electrical fire monitor system is the new generation of electrical fire monitor system device, which can be used with other associated products and guarantee electric safety and prevent electrical fires. This monitor device is widely used in hazardous areas, high buildings, public places and residential buildings.

2. Technical drawing

3. Features

With new high performance microprocessors, the data process speed is 100 times quicker than traditional technology’s, and the data storage capacity is 1000 times bigger than traditional technology’s.JB-QBL-DH500 adopts 4.3” colorful LCD, the display resolution is 430x272
The operation interface likes Windows, is easy for operation.
With standard plane and keyboard, USB computer keyboard, and the mouse is helpful for operation.
With intelligent storage U disk (optional), you can copy or recover the file you set up and historical file,which is helpful for maintanence.
With non-polarity two-wire bus, one controller can connect 324 detectors maximum. The addresses of residual current detector or heat detector can be mixed, 1-324# optional.
Support 20 pieces of JB-QBL-DH500 monitor devices networking, the maximum capacity after networking is: 20×324=6480 monitoring points System operation historical recording functions: historical alerts, historical faults, historical cause and effect, and historical operations 1000 pieces each.
Support module manual single points start / stop function, and it is easy for testing.
Support detector/module single points testing, the detector status and testing data are clear Standard professional micro printer, printing alerts, start, feedback, and fault messages for checking.Can connect PC and realize city networking.
The system adopts hierarchy management for multilevel users, different level users has different operation limits. The system can upgrade on-site, and make sure the system works stable and reliable.
Executive standard: GB14287.1-2005 electrical fire monitor device