Automatic Fire Alarm Control System

Automatic Fire Alarm Control System

DATE January, 20, 2017

1.General With the industry most innovative and technologically advanced solutions, Fanhai Sanjiang Electronics has a long and proud tradition in fire alarm systems, we offer flexible, big capacity, value-laden fire safety solutions that can be expanded and upgraded to provide protection throughout the life of a facility. Our customers can rely on high quality support from our experienced sales and service providers. The Fire systems range includes conventional, analogue addressable, gas release control panels, combustible gas detection, emergency notification, and evacuation with a versatile range of detectors and ancillary equipment including addressable detectors, modules, and sounders, etc, which are suitable for all types of environments from schools and hospitals to offices, industrial and retail premises and the aid of the graphic interface enables fast response from emergency services.

2.Technical Overview

3.Features Features of Fire alarm system 9100: 1)Adopt new generation ARM microprocessor and embedded OS, enhance the speed of data processing by 100 times and the storage capacity by 1000times compared with conventional technology, guarantee fast computing speed and reliable performance. 2)Addresses of terminal devices can be mix coded. 3)Automatically identify repeated addresses in the loop so that it is convenient for commissioning. 4)Unique technology for actively uploading fire alarm or fault, it only takes 2 seconds for the control panel to respond. 5)Adopt the advanced low consumption technology, the transmission distance up to 2000 meters. 6)Control panels can be networked, support 20 x 20 interconnected, the networking could be up to 20 kilometers by optical fiber transmission.

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