Registration information

1.Registration process.

Users become members of the website after submitting personally identifiable information according to the requirement of the website and agreeing to the registration instructions.

2,User identity guarantee.

  1) The user undertakes and guarantees that he or she is a natural person, legal person, entity and organization with full civil capacity and full civil rights capacity. The user hereby warrants that the user information filled in is true, accurate, complete, timely, and that there are no misleading or false statements, and that this website can contact the user through the contact information filled in by the user.

  2) Users undertake to update their user information in a timely manner to maintain the validity of such information.

  3) This website reserves the right to cancel the user's membership and to end the service to the user at any time if the information or information provided by the user contains incorrect and untrue information.

  4) If a registered user who represents other natural persons or units as an agent must provide the details and information of the agent,the information of the body represented and the authorized written documents to this website, and if the above information and documents are not provided to this website, this website will regard the registrant as a member.

3, Membership terms.

To be a junior member when Sign up successfully. The information required for registration is as follows:

Required: Company name, email, country, city, customer contact name, product of interest (fill in)

Selection: telephone number, the company's main business, annual procurement.

When applying for a Premium Member, approval is required and the information needs to be filled in as follows:

Items (products) name, purchase quantity (in "units"), time of purchase (accurate to year, month), detailed company address.

4. If the services of this website need to be suspended due to the maintenance or upgrading of the system, this website will notify in advance as far as possible, but this website also reserves the right to interrupt or terminate some or all of the services at any time without prior notice to the user.