Automatic Fire Alarm Control System Solution

Automatic Fire Alarm Control System Solution

DATE August 17 , 2020

1. Program Overview

Automatic fire alarm system is formed by trigger devices, fire alarm devices and other devices which have auxiliary functions. At the beginning of the fire, it can turn the smoke, heat, optical radiation and other phisical quantity into electrical signal by smoke detector, heat detector and optical detector to transmit to the fire alarm controller. At the same time, it also can display where and when the fire occurs. Normally, automatic fire alarm system is linked with automatic sprinkler system, indoor and outdoor fire hydrant system, smoke control system, ventilation system, air conditioning system, fire doors, fire curtains and smoke blocking screen, etc. Orders are given automatically or manually to start the corresponding devices.

2. Techniques Introduction

3. Project Features

 9100 type fire alarm linkage control system

 1). The first company in the industry that adopts the new generation of ARM highspeed microprocessors and embedded operating system. Comparing to the traditional techniques, the data processing speed is 100 times higher, and the storage capacity is 1000 times larger.

 2). The address code of terminal devices in the loop can be mixed, to increase the utilization of loop address code.

 3). Controller can automatically recognize the coincident address code of terminal devices in the loop, convenient for the system to debug and start.

 4). Exclusive fire alarm and fault signal active uploading technology in the industry, make the controller only need 2 seconds of response time.

 5). Adopt advanced low power consumption technology, make the bus signal transmission distance up to 2000 meters.

6). Adopt master-slave mode network scheme of layered structure, support 20×20 controllers of networking, can achieve 20km of distant network by fiber transmission.