ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co,LTD. debuts at Russia International Fire and Security Exhibition

ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co,LTD. debuts at Russia International Fire and Security Exhibition

DATE April 18 , 2024

Recently, the 29th Russia International Fire & Security Exhibition opened in Moscow. A s a leading enterprise in China's fire alarm field, ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co,LTD. participated in the exhibition with the latest fire protection products and technologies, won wide attention from the customers on the international stage, and showed the world the strong strength of China's fire protection electronics industry and the elegance of national enterprises.

Securika Moscow, founded in 1994, is Russia's leading security and fire equipment exhibition. The exhibition is famous for its strong professionalism and large size, and is the authoritative security and fire exhibition in Russia and even in Eastern Europe, as well as the professional trade platform for public safety products in the Russian-speaking region and the surrounding areas.

In this exhibition, ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co,LTD. showed fire safety systems such as SEC1000, SEC3008 and ECP1000 to the industry, covering the fields of fire alarm, fire extinguishing control and so on. Among them, SEC3008, as the latest product of ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co,LTD., adopts a new generation of high-speed microprocessor, which has been significantly upgraded in terms of data processing speed and storage capacity. At the same time, the system implements multi-level user hierarchical management, giving different levels of users the corresponding system operating privileges, which has attracted the attention of industry customers at the exhibition site.



ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co,LTD. has always been adhering to the tenet of customer-centeredness, establishing a strict quality management system, strictly following the international standards and striving to provide customers with stable, reliable, safe and durable products. At the exhibition site,ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co,LTD.‘s booth attracted the attention of many international fire protection experts and industry insiders. After the professional explanation by the staff, many international customers said that ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co,LTD.'s fire protection electronic products and technologies are highly innovative and practical, which is of great significance to enhance the global fire protection and security level.



This exhibition is not only an important opportunity for ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co,LTD. to show the strength of China's fire-fighting electronic industry to the world, but also an important step for the enterprise to go overseas and expand the international market. As a national fire-fighting enterprise, Sanjiang actively embraces globalization, and continuously improves its brand influence and international competitiveness by participating in international exhibitions and exchanges. In the future, Sanjiang will continue to adhere to the innovation drive, increase investment in research and development, and promote the continuous upgrading and progress of fire protection electronic technology. At the same time, Sanjiang will also actively participate in international exchanges and cooperation, contributing to the high-quality development of the great fire fighting country.