Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm control panel


Product features

7.4” 16-grey-scale LCD display with a display resolution of 640×480.

Windows/ Excel-like friendly user interface combined with keypad, mouse, key switch and USB port make operation convenient.

It uses a flexible and convenient, standard PS/2 computer keyboard and mouse as on-site programming devices.

It adopts a non-polarity two-bus intelligent programming mode and employs a total of 324 intelligent detectors or modules for a single loop.

It can be connected with the Linkage Control Unit with a maximum capacity of 4000 points.

Record capacity is up to 1000 historical events for each of fire, fault, request, feedback, and operation respectively.

It introduces the concept of a virtual interface board to realize the cause and effect programming, thus realizing the most complicated system programming easily.

It can be connected with the CRT-9000E graphical display device (optional) in the fire control room to display the specific locations of fires and faults intuitively.

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Designed by Sanjiang, the JB-QTL-9100E fire alarm control panel is a new generation intelligent fire alarm control panel in accordance with many years of experience in fire detection, requirements and specification of the Chinese Standards of (GB 4717-2005), (GB 16806-2006) and European standards of EN 54-2 and EN 54-4. The fire alarm control system is extensively applied in high-grade business buildings, big residence communities, department stores, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, libraries, factory buildings, supermarkets, hotels and other large or medium-sized fire detection projects.

Technical Parameters:
Power supplyMains power: AC 220V±20%/50Hz or DC24V
Battery: DC24V maintenance-free battery (capacity depends on system requirement)
Operating conditionsOperating temperature: -10°C~+55°C
Ambient humidity: ≤95% (40°C±2°C, no condensation)
Peripheral devicesRefer to other separate product manuals for specifications of detector, module, sounder
strobes and etc.

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